“I guess you could say that WordSeed Publishing deals in heritage seeds, books from our wonderful Christian heritage. We publish old books, books that have been published and re-published through the generations, keeping them uncorrupted and alive for our benefit today.

“We are fortunate to be in the digital age, where these books can again be reproduced by modern publishing means, making them affordable, and within the reach of many more than was ever thought possible. Not much compares to the feeling of holding, in your very own hands, the thoughts, the understandings, and the encouragements that were penned by the noblest forerunners of modern history.

“We do publish new books also, new books that treat on the same Christian heritage. For who can keep silent once they discover the wonderful truths that were written about in our history? It is an irrepressible trait of being a Christian – the need to share, using the words that flow from our own experience to express that wonderful heritage that we have ourselves received.”