My favorite author wrote: “The Word of God is Seed. Every seed has within itself a germinating principle. In it, the life of the plant is enfolded. So there is life in God’s word.”

So I guess you can say that WordSeed Publishing is about sowing heritage seeds. We publish the books of the Seventh-day Adventist Pioneers, books that help us understand our rich Christian heritage, and guide us into a living experience with God’s living word.

Not much compares to the feeling of holding in our very own hands the thoughts, understandings, and  encouragements that were penned by these noble Christian writers of the past who gave their lives to Christ, whose warm Christian zeal compelled them to share their own experience and what God had taught them.

WordSeed also publishes new books by current Christian writers who have a story to tell from their own experience; for who can keep silent when the wonderful, living word seeds in the Bible germinate in the mind and spring forth new life in the heart? This need to share is  an irrepressible trait of being a Christian.

Donna Hernberg is the owner of WordSeed Publishing. She became a Christian in November, 2009 after a life-saving experience with Jesus that changed her life completely. She became a Truth-seeker, and now her mission is to help others understand and experience the power and life in God’s word through sharing the books that have been an instrumental help to her. Donna is the author of “Christ and the Trinity.” She lives in Quebec with her husband and dog.