Daniel and the Revelation


Uriah Smith

6×9″ Soft Cover

First Published 1897, 1904

With original illustrations

757 pages



For more than half a century, light upon the prophetic word has been increasing, and shining with ever-growing luster to our own day. In no portion of the word of God is this more apparent than in the books of Daniel and the Revelation. No other books contain so many chains of prophecy reaching down to the end. No other books embrace so completely, as it were in one grand sweep, all the truths that concern the last generation of the inhabitants of the earth, and set forth so comprehensively all the aspects of the times – physical, moral, political – in which the triumphs of earthy woe and wickedness shall end, and the eternal reign of righteousness begin.

With thrilling interest we behold today the nations marshalling their forces, and pressing forward in the very movements described by Daniel, the royal seer in the court of Babylon, twenty-five hundred years ago, and by John on Patmos eighteen hundred years ago; and these movements – hear it ye children of men – are the last political revolutions to be accomplished before this earth plunges into her final time of trouble, and Michael, the great Prince, stands up, and his people, all who are found written in the book, are crowned with full and final deliverance. Daniel 12:1, 2.

God has not so concealed his truth that it will elude the search of the humble seeker. The study of prophecy should by no means be neglected; for it is the prophetic portions of the word of God which especially constitute it a lamp to our feet and a light to our path.

Uriah Smith’s Daniel and the Revelation expertly unveils the historical accuracy of the prophetic word, and the future hope it gives. You will be endowed with knowledge and understanding of the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation that will place all the tumults and chaos of our present world into biblical context, making sense of the religious and political tumults currently transpiring, and the climactic end to which all is leading.


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