The Handbook of Health


J.N. Loughborough

5×7″ soft cover

Black and white facsimile of the first edition printed in 1868

256 pages




“The Handbook of Health” was written by J.N. Loughborough, a gifted preacher from the mid 1800’s. He understood that the gospel came with a message about healthful living. In his words,

“Seeing a necessity for a work which should, in as brief a manner as possible, give some general ideas of the structure, functions, and care of the human system, I have been induced to prepare the following pages; not so much as an original production as a compilation of general ideas from different authors, simplifying, in some instances, their language to the capacity of the common reader.”

In the format of questions and answers, “The Handbook of Health” addresses every curiosity about the human organism, revealing a comprehensive knowledge of human physiology which is simple enough for all to understand and use as a helpful reference.

Two discoveries of special interest in this book are 1) A vegan diet was encouraged as a remedy for many ailments as far back as the mid 1800’s; and 2) A link between diet, the stomach, mental health, and the nervous system was already understood. This is fascinating, considering that medical research today is just beginning to acknowledge these connections. This suggests that the medical community has dismissed this knowledge in its growth, but can’t ignore it, and that more was understood about the human frame in the 1800’s that we may have ever thought.

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