The Peril of the Republic


Reprint of Percy T. Magan’s book from 1899

5.5 x 8.5 Soft cover

280 pages





“With sadness we turn from the contemplation of this checkered spectacle of a great nation whose beginnings were in so much glory, but whose latter day must be in so much shame.” Percy T. Magan

No nation prior to the United States had ever declared it as a principle good for all mankind that all men are created equal, or that governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed. None of the great nations of Europe ever taught or ever believed these precepts. They were born simultaneously with the American Republic. They constituted her christening robe and her birthright, peculiarly her own, and the first infant cry of her national life.

The Peril of the Republic is a cry to the American people, a plea to preserve the unique and noble principles that characterized the United States, and which gave her early growth and success. From her birth as a Republic, to the Civil War, to her involvement in Cuba and Spain, from the Spanish Inquisition and the Council of Blood, to her shameful apostasy through Imperialism and Colonialism, Percy Magan traces the rise and fall of the United States of America, not as a historian, but as one in the midst this nations early moral crises that threatened her ethical foundation.

There are details and truths in The Peril of the Republic that can’t be found in any history book, that can only be found in this personal experience of history as it was happening. You’ll gain a perspective on the Republic of the Unites States of America that will never be taught in schools, especially in 2023, even in conservative and religious circles. You’ll understand how God deals with modern nations, the trust He placed in America’s hands, how she rose to glory, and how and when she fell from grace. Now what will become of this once great and peaceful nation?


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